Sport travelling company

We are people who live our whole life through sport and we strive to make that possible for others also, especially young athletes. Through organizing sport activities and events, we create opportunity for them to develop their full potential.

As each sportsman, sport club or association has different and specific needs, we aim to customize our service in order to fulfill all important requirements. Therefore we listen carefully and take care of each and every request. What we provide without exception to all of our clients are comfort and safeness.

What iSports considers success is the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.

Our Team

CEO-Founder at iSports

Ivan Ivovic

Representative of iSports in Malta

Marko Glumac

Representative of iSports in China

Slobodan Ristic

Representative of iSports in Romania

Dan Gligorovici

Chief Technical Officer

Srdjan Pavlovic

IT Development Team

Stefan Bukovski, Dejan Miric